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Increase max system heights from 33cm to 55cm. Leg extensions Code WLX code for kit with two leg extensions Ramp Length No Handrail Single Handrail One Side Single Handrail Both Sides Double Handrail One Side Double Handrail Both Sides 120cm 4ft WRA12-A WRA12-B WRA12-C WRA12-D WRA12-E 180cm 6ft WRA18-A WRA18-B WRA18-C WRA18-D WRA18-E 240cm 8ft WRA24-A WRA24-B WRA24-C WRA24-D WRA24-E 300cm 10ft WRA30-A WRA30-B WRA30-C WRA30-D WRA30-E 360cm 12ft WRA36-A WRA36-B WRA36-C WRA36-D WRA36-E 420cm 14ft WRA42-A WRA42-B WRA42-C WRA42-D WRA42-E 480cm 16ft WRA48-A WRA48-B WRA48-C WRA48-D WRA48-E These kits include all the components required for the configuration shown and are designed to resolve the most common applications. Complete System Kits Kit a ramp only Often used to provide access to an existing platform or step. 38 Available with any handrail combination. ONE CODE GIVES ALL YOU NEED Accessories available Code Size cm WRSD8 80x15 WRSD10 100x15 No more cracked PVC door thresholds Self supporting doorplate Code WRIK pair Extra edge protection. Infill kerbsWidelong doorplates Code Size cm WDP8S 80x15 WDP8L 80x 22 WDP10S 100x15 WDP10L 100x22 Now available up to 100cm width 22cm length. Ramp Length Often used to provide access to an existing platform or step. Available with any handrail combination. GIVES ALL YOU NEED Simply join platforms together. Platform to platform joiner Code WPP Join ramps up to and down to platforms. Code WPUR Ramp up from platform WPDR Ramp down from platform Ramp to platform joiners WPDR